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Interaction between
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manages the interaction between employers, employees and the financial institutions to allow hourly paid employees to access already earned wages at any time without creating a liability for the employee. Accessed wages are transferred to a bank account, an existing bank card.

Financial Life

interacts with Workforce Management companies and payroll vendors to allow the process to be smooth, fully automated, and effortless for all parties involved.

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Our Team

We are the same team that have built the payments banking network over the last 30 years under brands like:   ,     and we are here to do it again.

Driving Value

Strategic Tenants

Driving Value

Strategic Tenants
  • Employees
  • Get paid as needed

  • Avoid unplanned fees

  • Reduce financial stress

  • Increase life flexibility

  • Encourage referrals

  • Loyal and engaged employee

  • Employers
  • Attract new hires

  • Reduce stressed employees

  • Reduce turnover and hiring costs

  • Can encourage more work hours

  • Reinforce company culture

  • Market differentiator

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